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Dear user,

Through the platform alo-pronto24h.co.uk, we connect professionals, such as maintenance technicians, electricians, plumbers, locksmiths, etc., with potential customers who need their services.
The use of the alo-pronto24h.co.uk services is reserved for individuals who have reached the age of 18.
As part of the policy of fairness and transparency, fundamental values for our company, and in fulfillment of all legal obligations, we invite you to carefully read these general terms and conditions (hereinafter “General Conditions”) which regulate the ” use of the services offered through the Site, before starting to browse the Site and before registering on it.

It is understood that, for the purposes of this contract, the General Conditions include any notes, legal notices, information, or disclaimers published on the Site, as well as the contractual terms referred to through links that connect to this page.
Access, navigation, and, in particular, the use of the Site in its freely accessible functions (without prior registration) imply, in any case, the express acceptance of the contractual terms and conditions referred to in these General Conditions, as well as the consequent obligation for each user to comply with them.

The use of the services for which registration on the Site is required implies the express and full acceptance of these General Conditions, as well as the consequent obligation for each user to comply with them.
Therefore, in the event that you do not intend to accept these General Conditions, in whole or in part, or the terms and conditions contained in any other note, legal notice, information, or disclaimer on the Site, we invite you not to use the Site, nor the related services or call our toll-free numbers.

Where the user uses the Site on behalf of third parties, he declares and guarantees that he has the power to represent, oblige and bind the third parties themselves; in such cases, the acceptance of the General Conditions will also be considered carried out for third parties who will be obliged to comply with them.

2_Variation of the General Conditions

The Company reserves the right to update, integrate and modify, in whole or in part, at any time these General Conditions and each of the documents referred to by them, including the Privacy Policy. For this reason, we invite you to periodically review them, it is understood that we will do what is necessary and appropriate to bring to your knowledge any changes made in relation to the General Conditions and/or the related services offered through publication on the Site.

In particular, changes, updates, and additions to the General Conditions and/or the services offered will be effective from the time of publication on the Site and will be understood, from that moment, as known by users as they are brought to their knowledge through suitable methods, as well as accepted by users who access and use the Site after its publication.
If you do not agree with the changes, updates, additions, and Terms and Conditions made, we invite you not to use the Site or to use the services offered by alo-pronto24h.co.uk.

The website uses these main contacts:


a. “Site” or “Portal”: the web portal alo-pronto24h.co.uk.
b. “Platform”: all websites, mobile or other applications, software, processes and any
c. “Professional” / “Technician” / “Entrepreneur” etc .: Regardless of the legal qualification it possesses, it is a legal person who professionally carries out any of the activities promoted on the Site and which has registered as such on alo-pronto24h.co.uk in order to perform these services to favor of Customers.
d. “Client”: natural or legal person who requires the intervention of a Professional by entering to the website, calling the number and/or writing to the mail that are on the website for the purpose of carrying out any of the services offered.
e. “Service”: Coordination of all activities involving customers and Professionals in order to conclude the activities offered by the alo-pronto24h.co.uk portal.
f. “Intervention”: All maintenance, repair, renovation, replacement, installation, and any other technical service performed by the Professional, under his full responsibility and with the use of his work tools.
g. “Content”: text, graphics, images, music, software, audio, video, information, or other materials, including but not limited to profile information, service requests, quotes, messages, reviews, and other information or materials available on, or through, the Platform.
h. “Registration”: registration procedure on the Site by creating an account.
i. “Customer Service”: set of services reserved for the customer.
j. “User”: a person who uses the services offered by Alopronto or operates on the site.

4_Requirements for using the site

The use of the alo-pronto24h.co.uk services is reserved for users who have reached the age of 18 and who enjoy the full capacity to act and validly enter into contracts and agreements for the provision of services.
When registering on the Site and following the use of the services, the User declares that the personal data provided are true, correct, updated, that he operates on his own account, or, in the case of a user who works for third parties, that is in possession of the consent of the third party, assuming all responsibility for the correctness and truthfulness of the information provided.
The Professional declares to be in possession of the means, the technical and economic resources, the knowledge and the organization necessary to be able to ensure that the interventions that will be entrusted to him through the Platform are carried out in a workmanlike manner.
The professional understands and accepts that, by registering and creating his profile on the platform, he will always find there all the documentation relating to the history of the interventions performed, the interventions in progress, and the new requests for intervention received.
The Professional also understands and accepts that the use of the Platform does not guarantee in any way that customers will choose the services he offers.
The professional understands and accepts that he is a mere User of alo-pronto24h.co.uk and that he is not an employee, partner, agent, or similar of the Company, nor is a joint venture with it.
The company, in accordance with what is stated above, does not verify, nor has the right or right, the services offered and/or served by a professional or the methods of execution of the same.

5_ How to register on the site

The navigation of some sections of the site can also be used by unregistered users. 
The professional declares and agrees to be the only person responsible for protecting the confidentiality of the password to access alo-pronto24h.co.uk and to be solely responsible for the data provided, for the timely updating of the same, and for all the activities that occur on their account, undertaking to immediately notify alo-pronto24h.co.uk of any unauthorized use of the platform.
To register on the site, the user is obliged to provide a personal e-mail address and a personal telephone number, which he guarantees to have legitimately and to which he declares to access regularly.
The user also undertakes to promptly update their e-mail address or telephone number registered on the profile.
The user is aware that, in order to use the Service and complete the intervention, it is necessary to verify both the e-mail address and the telephone number entered.
The company also reserves the right to verify, validate and check User Profiles for the purpose of providing services where it has reason to believe that the e-mail addresses provided are not valid and/or legitimately created and/or used.
The user may at any time proceed with the cancellation of their Profile by accessing their Personal Area. Following the request for cancellation, all personal data of the same will be deleted except for the necessary documentation, required by law.
Once the user is put in touch on the website or applications of which alo-pronto24h.co.uk is part, the company collects the necessary data such as email address, telephone number, place of residence, personal information, or others that are communicated to the professional to assist in solving problems or to communicate more easily with the user.

ALOPRONTO S.R.L. is a marketing company which, through advertising, makes publicity online for all the professionals who register through this site, creating different marketing campaigns in order to generate potential clients.
By accepting the general conditions, the professionals authorize ALOPRONTO S.R.L. if it will be necessary to use their company’s data to create publicity campaigns, provided that the documents will not be badly used and will not go outside the company ALOPRONTO S.R.L.

The platforms on which ALOPRONTO S.R.L make advertising are:
-Google ADS
-Google GMB
-Google LSA

To be approved as a Google customer, it is necessary for Google Ireland to verify personal documents, and to authorize ALOPRONTO S.R.L  to create campaigns after verifying that the professional who is working with, is licensed to offer the following services: Plumbing, Electrician, Drainage, HVAC, Gas Safe, Locksmith etc. In case of damage to private property, the professional’s company that is collaborating with ALOPRONTO S.R.L. has insurance that covers all damages created.

Google GMB can be linked with Google LSA to increase market positions, this will not affect the personal data of the professionals to penalize them from their platforms.

If you want to know more about these data collections that the company carries out and the reasons for which it carries out this data collection, please read and understand the complete information on the protection of personal data and on the methods of treatment available on the website alo-pronto24h.co.uk/privacy-policy/

Any information, data, or images I receive from the website or application will be the intellectual property of the company.
Any abuse, theft, or use of this information will constitute a legal violation and the parties will be sanctioned depending on the type of violation and the relevant national or international legislation.
Any information on this site is protected by law and is considered the property of the company.
All rights on this site legally belong only to the company. Any information released, any duplication, reproduction, distribution, etc. for commercial or profit-making purposes is a violation of the law and is punishable by law, except for personal and non-commercial use.
Any information on the website or application that will be from third parties will be for informational purposes only and alo-pronto24h.co.uk assumes no responsibility and has no control over other sites and their activity.
These sites are independent of alo-pronto24h.co.uk and the company assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage that may occur to users from sites located or advertised on the website. We assume no responsibility for any relationships with third parties that may derive from the information found on the website.
Any data collected by the site and any information provided will be in the context of the increase in the quality of the service and the better realization of the client-professional relationship. The user grants the company the right to use the data collected, distributed, sold, or communicated to third parties for all purposes related to the activity of alo-pronto24h.co.uk.

6_The purpose of alo-pronto24h.co.uk

alo-pronto24h.co.uk exclusively offers the connection service between Customers and Professionals, managing the necessary communications, managing requests for emergency intervention or other needs that the Customer has towards the Professional.

alo-pronto24h.co.uk offers this mediation after obtaining the required intervention consent from both parties.

Therefore alo-pronto24h.co.uk only deals with the organizational aspect of solving the Customer’s problems and the Professional’s service.
alo-pronto24h.co.uk remains out of any subsequent contract concluded between the parties without its prior knowledge and without its concrete mediation for the intervention.
alo-pronto24h.co.uk reserves the right to block, exclude or modify all its service networks without notice.
alo-pronto24h.co.uk could block the access of some users to its site or it could block only certain sections.

7_Rules of the alo-pronto24h.co.uk service

1 – The customer who needs to have the services offered by the Professionals calls the toll-free number on the platform and asks alo-pronto24h.co.uk to solve his problem by qualifying the problem he has, the technician he may need for the specific problem he has, your address, your details, and your contact number.

2- alo-pronto24h.co.uk after the request received from the Customer, identify and contact the Professional suitable for solving the problem in the shortest possible time.

3- After receiving confirmation from the Professional, alo-pronto24h.co.uk sends the Customer a confirmation email or a confirmation message indicating the time that may be required for the intervention.

4- In the event that the e-mail, telephone number, location or problems are not provided correctly by the Customer, the request will not be processed.

5-The service offered by alo-pronto24h.co.uk is totally free for the Customer who benefits from the intervention following an agreement with the Professional.

6- Subsequently, once the Client and the Professional have been put in contact, any agreement taken or work carried out by the professional, the payment will be negotiated and decided only between the Professional and the Customer, alo-pronto24h.co.uk remains totally unrelated to the bargaining and technical agreement and economic between the parties. The consideration for the intervention carried out is paid directly to the Professional by the Client.

7- The professional, as required by the “Contract” stipulated with alo-pronto24h.co.uk for each individual intervention, If he agrees to carry out the intervention proposed by alo-pronto24h.co.uk and finds an agreement with the customer, he is obliged to communicate the details of the economic agreement to alo-pronto24h.co.uk and pay the Stability Commission to alo-pronto24h.co.uk.
If the professional does not accept the request for intervention or does not find an agreement with the customer, nothing is due to alo-pronto24h.co.uk.

8- alo-pronto24h.co.uk as its commercial activity has only the marketing of professionals in specific technical fields, who affirm with their awareness and responsibility that they have professional skills in certain fields, but alo-pronto24h.co.uk assumes no responsibility for their skills and their quality of Work.

alo-pronto24h.co.uk only makes the connection between the professional and the client, being considered only a brokerage company and having no responsibility for the work done or for their quality.
Interference errors, materials used, time spent are not the responsibility and management of alo-pronto24h.co.uk, since the only task of alo-pronto24h.co.uk is to connect professionals with customers.
In such circumstances, alo-pronto24h.co.uk is not responsible for any damage caused to the customer or third parties, or even damage that may be caused to the professional during working hours.

alo-pronto24h.co.uk only makes the connection between the client who has the problem and the professional remaining out of their relationship for the continuation of the work or other events at work such as accidents at work or contractual or non-contractual damages caused by each of the parties. 
Any request by the parties for a refund or cancellation of payments made by credit card can be requested via email at info@alopronto.com, where we will see if the request is justified and convincing.


The use of the Service by the Customers is free

The use by the Professional is subject to a fee. The consideration is established for each intervention in the “Intervention contract” stipulated with the professional and usually consists of a variable%, to be agreed between the parties, calculated on the taxable amount of the intervention to be carried out.
The fees are to be paid at the conclusion of the agreement and acceptance of the quote and the intervention by the Customer, regardless of the date on which the intervention is actually carried out.
The consideration is expressed in euros and includes VAT.
Credit card payment processing services are provided by Stripe and, where applicable, may include money transfer services under the licenses held by Stripe. The payment processing services provided by Stripe are subject to the Account Agreement linked with Stripe.
By accepting these General Conditions and continuing to operate on alo-pronto24h.co.uk, the professional agrees to be bound by the Stripe Connected account contract and the Stripe Services contract, as well as accepting that it may be subject to unilateral changes by Stripe.
Payment processing services through the use of Paypal are subject to the conditions of use of the PayPal service.
Payment by bank transfer is also provided.

Any request by the parties for a refund or cancellation of payments made by credit card can be requested via email at info@alopronto.com, where we will see if the request is justified and convincing.

9_Applicable Law

These General Conditions as well as any and all relationships between the alo-pronto24h.co.uk, Users, and third parties are governed by Italian law.

10_ Resolution of disputes

Our goal, in the event of disputes between the User and the Company arising from these General Conditions, is to provide neutral and economically convenient tools to resolve the dispute quickly.
Consequently, in such cases we first invite the User or the Customer to contact us in order to amicably resolve any dispute that may arise or arise.

Version updated to April 18, 2022